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Teddy’s Close Call


Holy Cow

flagLosing a president in office is a national tragedy. Losing two presidents within twelve months would be almost too much to bear.

Yet in the early days of the 20th Century that came dangerously close to happening. How, you wonder?

I’m glad you asked. Sit back and prepare to learn the details of Teddy’s close call. Continue reading

Handling a Hostage Crisis, 1904-style

FoleyWe were all appalled by last week’s gruesome video showing American hostage James Foley’s barbaric murder by terrorist thugs called ISIS. Or ISIL. Or however they’re identifying themselves these days. With their hands drenched in the blood of so many innocent people, what they are screams louder than who they say they are.

Making matters worse, the thugs are still holding other Americans captive. Like it or not, we have a new hostage crisis on our hands. Which is renewing an old debate: how do you handle such a crisis? Do you respond with military force? Refuse to negotiate with hostage takers? Pay ransom and meet demands? Or sit back, do nothing and hope for the best?

Consider, for a moment, how Washington handled a major international hostage crisis way back in 1904. Continue reading