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A President’s Prank


Americans were saddened by the recent tragedy on Table Rock Lake outside Branson, Missouri. An amphibious duck, a six wheeled craft that travels on both land and water, sank during a storm killing 17 people. It put me in mind of a smaller version of the duck and the president who loved using it for his favorite prank.

For some reason that defies logic, German auto engineers once believed a lucrative commercial market awaited an amphibious vehicle. So in 1960 a small factory outside Berlin, West Germany began making the Amphicar (combining “amphibious” and “car” in a name as appealing as the product). Continue reading

Yetta Bronstein, the President We Never Had

How a pair of pranksters fooled the news media

Yetta button-2

The presidential primary season is entering its home stretch. We’ll soon know which candidates will carry the Republican and Democratic standards in this fall’s campaign. (Then again, this election cycle is so crazy, who knows? Both parties may still be picking their nominees come Election Day.)

Some 50 years ago, one presidential hopeful stood out from the pack. She was like no other candidate before or since. And the incredible thing was … she didn’t exist!

Meet Yetta Bronstein, the president we never had.

To understand this unorthodox candidate, you must first understand the genius who created her. Continue reading