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Summer Breather

Dear Frequent Reader:

It’s official. The lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer are in full swing. So the whole Holy Cow! History team (consisting of chief historical researcher, head writer, senior editor and lead publicist – all of which are yours truly) is taking a brief hiatus to recharge our batteries. It’s time to find a comfortable hammock under a cool shade tree and sip a cold beverage. Nothing gets the creative juices flowing again like that kind of R & R!

As a former president from my childhood was fond of saying, let me make this perfectly clear – Holy Cow! History is NOT going away. In fact, I (er, that is, the team) have already lined up a fresh list of strange, fascinating and forgotten stories pulled out of history’s toy box to keep your intellectual taste buds satisfied.

As yet another former president said, Keep Cool With Coolidge! We’ll be back here the week after Labor Day with more fun, forgotten tales from our shared past.

See you in September!

How I Escaped a (Near) Riot: a 19 year-old survivor’s tale

FergusonThis week’s horrific rioting in Ferguson, Missouri brought back memories. Believe it or not, I was swept up in a near-riot myself 34 years ago, and consider myself lucky for living to tell the tale.  Here’s how it happened.

It was the summer of 1980, and I was a 19 year-old kid from Joplin, Missouri who had just finished my first year in college. Wide-eyed and eager to taste life, I secured a summer internship on Capitol Hill in Washington. In a bit of good luck, my childhood best buddy Chris also landed a job in DC that summer, so we pooled our meager resources and roomed together. Continue reading